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Upcoming Seminars 2024-2025

Upcoming Seminars





Saturday 6th APRIL

Sunday 7th APRIL

(This is an IVITATION ONLY Workshop)
Over 2 days, 6 students receive in-depth direct
instruction and correction in Aiki Jutsu from Hosie Sensei.
(Please Contact Hosie Sensei if interested)



Sunday 5th May

Hosie Sensei is teaching an open workshop at the Hombu

The Club House
Elm Avenue
Kingston Upon Hull
(£25 Early Bird available price until 21st April)



Thursday JUNE 27th


Sunday JUNE 30th

Over 4 days, 10 students will receive in-depth direct
instruction and correction in Aiki Jutsu from Hosie Sensei.
(Please Contact Hosie Sensei if interested)


Future Aiki Dojo seminar dates to pencil that still need "to be arranged" (TBA)

If you would like Hosie Sensei to teach at your Dojo, please contact him to arrange a seminar on any of the dates available below.

Thank you,

Hosie Sensei



September 2024

Sunday 8th


September 2024

Saturday 21st

Sunday 22nd


October 2024

Saturday 19th

Sunday 20th


November 2024

Saturday 16th

Sunday 17th


December 2024

Sunday 1st


January 2025

Sunday 12th


February 2025

Saturday 22nd

Sunday 23rd


March 2025

Saturday 22nd

Sunday 23rd


MAY 2025

Saturday 3rd

Sunday 4th


(To be confirmed)

JUNE 2025

Thursday 26th


Sunday 29th

Adam Hosie Sensei has developed a unique and pragmatic method of teaching the skill of Aiki through de-stylised western-minded approach. It is the aim of Hosie Sensei to demystify Aiki and help other seekers achieve this elusive skill no matter what art you study, as he believes Aiki was once in all the martial arts. ​Once Hosie Sensei developed Aiki, he realised it is certainly not magic or a mysterious force, but in fact, a physical technique founded upon solid basic PRINCIPLES that multiplied his knowledge of JUTSU His skill in Aiki has been confirmed in private meetings with many top Daito Ryu Shihan, and also in July 2019 by ROY GOLDBERG Sensei 7th Dan, who is the only non-Japanese holder of the Hi Ogi scroll in Kodokai Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu. "Adam Hosie is an extremely talented martial artist. We enjoy collaborating together. We have spent a lot of time sharing ideas on aiki, and I am highly impressed with his abilities. " Taken from the recently published book about Roy Goldberg Sensei "To become A Living Art." Hosie Sensei openly teaches a DE-STYLISED form of AIK JUTSU that he has successfully developed through years of deep study into WHAT makes the martial arts function better and, more importantly HOW and WHY? In this seminar, you will learn to develop Aiki for yourself through a pragmatic method explained through.. PHYSICS BIOLOGY WESTERN MINDED ANALOGIES SPECIFIC EXERCISES KAMAE A posture of structural and psychological strength rather than brute muscular strength that forms your foundation that is the Aiki Body which is a cohesive Mind, Breath, and Body leading to a calm and controlled self capable of chain reaction power. AIKI Creates instant kuzushi with an opponent, through a whole body skill of using connected and cocoordinated tone change, creating 3 types, Aiki Body, IN-YO Rotation, and Zero Point Structural and Balance Kuzushi. KOKYU Breathing Techniques that generate efficient power through the whole body enhancing your Kamae and Aiki abilities driving how you move also improving the overall health of yourself TAI SABAKI Body mechanics of movement driven by Kamae, Aiki and Kokyu to put you in a tactically advantageous position. These are based on everyday activities on how to efficiently maximize how you move through examples like Walking, Sitting, getting up and turning. JUTSU Martial principals designed to disable, maim, or kill that are not hindered by style or rules. Executed through Kamae, Aiki, Kokyu, and Tai Sabaki, leading to the acquisition of naturally fluent and potent Self Defense/Combative abilities effecting body systems... MUSCULAR SKELETAL NERVOUS CARDIOVASCULAR RESPIRATORY ORGAN Through these subdivided technique groups… ATEMI WAZA Striking Techniques KYUSHO WAZA Vital point techniques KANSETSU WAZA Joint Manipulation Techniques SHIME WAZA Constriction Techniques NAGE WAZA Throwing Techniques BUKI WAZA Weapon Techniques Skill in Aiki Jutsu allows you to maximise the efficacy of yourself, unlocking abilities in your martial art that have always been or now becoming out of reach

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