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Review of Hosie Sensei by Roy Goldberg Sensei

I have spent decades studying Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu under my teacher Kiyama Hayao Shihan, and the Kodokai Menkyo Kaiden Inoue Yusuke. Regardless of rank, I continue to be a student, constantly studying and training, looking for new ways to understand and improve my aiki.

One of the main reasons I do seminars all over the world, is to meet fellow seekers that I can share with. Training is a collaboration. A true shugyo mindset recognizes others who have the same passion and drive to uncover aiki’s secrets. When I met Adam Hosie, I instantly recognized his dedication and his ability. Despite his age, he has touched several of the top practitioners in Daito Ryu, and their reaction was similar to mine. It isn’t about rank or lineage, it is about what you can do and how you train.

The more I got to know Adam, the more I saw how his approach complemented many of the things I have been developing over a lifetime of training. We decided to share our research, encouraging each other to continue to become even better. As Kiyama Sensei always says, “Shugyo is everything.” If you have an opportunity to train with Hosie Sensei, I strongly recommend you do so.

Roy Goldberg Sensei

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