Adam Hosie Sensei openly teaches the rare skill of Aiki in the UK and internationally.
He has developed a unique and pragmatic method of teaching Aiki through a western minded approach, which demystifies this normally thought to be a difficult and elusive skill.
His ability in Aiki has been confirmed in meetings with many Daito Ryu Shihan in Japan and also by Roy Goldberg sensei who highly recommends training with Hosie Sensei.
His his martial art life began studying Aikido under his father. Even when the techniques were performed as instructed, they always had the feeling of something not right.
Researching Aikido with sincere thanks to Stanley Pranin’s pioneering work. Reading of accounts and watching videos of masters long gone, it became clear the technique of Aiki was now almost completely missing from the martial art world.
After watching a Daito Ryu Roppokai video of Okamoto Sensei, Hosie sensei made it his life’s mission to acquire this elusive skill, as without Aiki, the only option available to make techniques truly effective was the harder, faster, stronger and more brutal methods.
The first task was to better understand what Aiki is and how to do it. Studying the roots of Aikido continued, also with other martial arts and alternative sources, looking for clues via books, classes, seminars, videos, and Internet searching. All this resulted in was more confusion, as there were endless views on what Aiki even was, let alone how to do it!
A couple of sources where regularly used for inspiration, which were the book Shugyo: Harmony in confrontation and the Roppokai Daito Ryu seminar videos. But there still were clearly huge gaps missing that would allow him to develop skill in Aiki.
Lacking finances needed to travel the world searching for a master who had real Aiki ability, even if he achieved this, would that master be able and more importantly willing to teach him? This presented a seemingly unassailable problem.
So, the decision to acquire skill in Aiki came about from the ideas, “If they figured it out, why can’t we”, and “Everything you need is right where you are". Everyone thought he was insane to attempt this mammoth goal without guidance from a master of Aiki.
Starting from a blank page with nobody to say, “that’s not how you are supposed to do it", freed him from limitations. All techniques, training methods, and dojo ideology was put aside, creating laboratory conditions for examination and experimentation in how you think, breathe, lay, sit, kneel, stand, walk, move and touch. Due to the infinite opportunities available, the first problem encountered became where to begin? The logical answer was to study etiquette, primarily in how you Rai.
Another problem with learning martial arts to a proficient level is dedicating enough time. Thinking mathematically, to amount 10,000 hours, training in a dojo 4 hours a week would take 50 years. But with Shugyo, a methodology of taking training into daily life experimenting how you Think, Breathe, Lay, Sit, Kneel, Stand, Walk, Move and Touch, there was no moment during your conscious life you were unable to study and practice. Suddenly 70 hours a week becomes quite feasible amounting 10,000 hours in less than 3 years! Shugyo became every waking moment towards the acquisition of skill in Aiki.
Working as a potato merchant providing 8 hours paid practice 5 days a week through the lifting, carrying, and manoeuvring the 25kg bags hundreds of times a day, forged his body. The mindless repetitive nature of the job allowed him to be in constant deep thought. During break times, he often would practice Ukemi by jumping off the pallets of potatoes onto the concrete floor below with his hands still in his pockets!
Also working as a door supervisor for nightclub security provided invaluable data to develop Aiki, fortunately his size, strength and also support from colleagues afforded a degree of safety, allowing mistakes to be made while experimenting any discoveries made on hundreds of unwilling test subjects.
One of the great aspects of martial arts is the wide variety of people who participate in its learning. Using an open mind to take advantage of their lifetimes of knowledge in occupations from Carpenters and Engineers to Physiotherapists and Neurosurgeons, gleaming an understanding into Physics, Mechanics, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Neuroscience, utilizing this knowledge that otherwise would take years to learn, enabled rapid development.
A huge breakthrough came from a student who also was an Alexander Technique instructor. She stated that gravity holds you up! Explaining how the human body is a Tensile/Tensegrity structure. This information led to a critical piece that began to solve the Aiki puzzle, leading much later to the development of Zero Point Aiki which primarily creates Structural Kuzushi which then allows Balance Kuzushi to be easily attained.
Even with this breakthrough progress was still an extremely slow and arduous process of turning every idea upside-down, inside-out and back to front, but after 3 years a steady stream of discoveries was beginning to be made.
During this evolving time, he met a highly charismatic man who taught the pre-war ways of Japanese Martial Arts, his knowledge and skill were exceptional. Hosie sensei quickly could see the Aiki he was developing and these devastating techniques of Jutsu would seamlessly work together. Intensive study under this Sensei began with travelling to his seminars all over the UK and Europe, also regularly attending the Dojo class which was a 9 hour round trip for an hour and half lesson!
Hosie sensei was taken under his wing learning the intricacies of Jutsu and many life lessons, also often helping him financially to afford travel to the seminars. He talked the talk and Hosie sensei was inspired to walk the walk. It sadden him that all ties had to be cut from someone who was a big part of his life.
Hosie Sensei began teaching what he had achieved. This led him trying to teach the friends he made learning Jutsu to teach Aiki. It became quickly apparent that developing Aiki skill for himself, though no small achievement was far easier than to learn how to teach Aiki! Because even though he can do Aiki it did not mean he could teach it.
So began another intensive process taking 10 years to answer these questions that would allow him to teach Aiki to almost anyone willing to learn...
WHAT makes Aiki work?
HOW does Aiki work?
WHY does Aiki Work?
As Hosie Sensei foremost considers himself a student of Aiki, in 2019 he attended a seminar with Roy Goldberg Sensei. As soon as they met on the tatami, they both instantly recognised their skill and passion for Aiki, quickly they became close friends and began to work together sharing their knowledge, helping each other improve all the while having a wonderful time doing so.
In 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdowns, they continued working together on video calls that amounted to hundreds of hours! This intensive time working with Goldberg sensei allowed him to dramatically improve his ability to teach Aiki, leading to him to teaching online lessons with students all over the world, who are now beginning to develop skill in Aiki.
Now the Covid-19 pandemic is easing, Hosie Sensei is looking forward to sharing his refined knowledge of teaching Aiki in person, he invites you to join his growing Aiki community.