The Open Workshops are primarily designed for SEASONED PRACTITIONERS who find maintaining effective ability in their chosen martial art INCREASINGLY DIFFICULT as the year's pass by. Resulting in one day being physically forced to give up training in the art you have dedicated your life to.

The Aiki Dojo offers an excellent opportunity for you to obtain knowledge and skills to provide you a SECOND LEASE OF LIFE allowing continued improvement of your effectiveness in the martial arts.

On a monthly Workshops at the Seibukan Jujitsu Dojo, Brentwood, Adam Hosie Sensei will be openly and enthusiastically teaching the rare technique of AIKI that he has developed himself, which in July 2019 his skill in Aiki was confirmed by ROY GOLDBERG Sensei 7th Dan who is the only non-Japanese holder of the Hi Ogi scroll in Kodokai Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu. Hosie Sensei also studied JUTSU under TERRY WINGROVE 9th Dan Karate Jutsu to a highly proficient level.

For two decades he has deeply studied WHAT makes the martial arts function better? And more importantly HOW? & WHY? Leading to the discovery that Aiki is certainly not magic or a mysterious force but in fact a physical technique founded upon UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES that maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of yourself and the techniques of any martial art. He has the ability to teach anyone dedicated to learning this knowledge by instructing in an CONSTRUCTIVE & PRAGMATIC method explained through...







Providing you the opportunity to acquire SKILL in Aiki that will UNLOCK ABILITIES in your martial art, allowing many more years of effective and enjoyable training.

The Aiki Dojo OPEN WORKSHOPS will be held at the Seibukan Dojo, Hutton, ESSEX on..

Sunday 10th April

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Adam Hosie Sensei